Why Us?

  • It’s simple to do business with us.
  • There are no complex flyers, and no need to be a rocket scientist just to figure out how to read our flyer.
  • We don’t have complex ordering systems. Just pay online, or shoot us an email.
  • No complex posing or equipment!  We don’t need to take over your school to take school pictures, or take your kids out of class longer than necessary. We stick to simple poses, and focus on getting a great picture.
  • You don’t have to worry about having to call 1-800 numbers and being transferred to multiple people. Just give us a call, we’ll answer, and we’ll be there for you when you need us.
  • All our staff are background checked for the safety of your staff and children. Count on us to put security first!
  • We are your true local partner.  We want to give back to your school in the ways that are important to you!

Why Not Us?

  • If you love to pull out your hair trying to understand your commission checks with no breakdown or explanation.
  • If you are bored and have so much time to explain to your staff and parents why the photographers are off schedule, running late, or just provide really bad pictures.
  • If you really like to be on hold or being transferred, calling 1-800 #’s, meeting and explaining to new photographers how to photograph your school EVERY picture day, and stressing because you or your staff needs to be present to assure everything is running smoothly.
  • We know you love to talk to the parents of your students, and nothing is more fun that receiving complaints from them about bad expressions, closed eyes, poor quality, and missing packages.